If you need something framed professionally – come to Sawtell Framing!

We are a new generation of master picture framers and our expertise in picture framing, ability to produce creative designs, use of high-quality materials & archival techniques and the high-tech equipment means your work is in good hands when you leave it with us to be framed.

You can also rely upon our efficiency and quality with a short turn-around period ensuring that last minute birthday presents, exhibition deadlines or business presentations can be met using the latest archival materials and methods.


Sawtell Framing always delivers a custom framing service to the highest standards in workmanship, knowledge, materials and use of modern technologies.  Our well trained team can guide you through the process of designing a frame to suit your tastes, material and cost requirements.  You can be confident that our team understand why your item to be framed is important to you and treat it with the respect that it deserves.

We pride ourselves in our wide selection of 350+ mouldings and matboards to choose from and in providing outstanding customer service and delivering it with a contagious smile.

Every item that comes through our door is different and along with individual design comes an assessment of the best way to display the work to protect it from harmful pollutants, insects, light and chemical reactions and off gassing as well as technical requirement for each media to be framed. Our framing service includes the framing of oil paintings, pastels, watercolour, other media,  memorabilia, needleworks, photographs, medals, certificates, sports shirts, books, kids art, newspaper articles, 3D objects, tree bark artworks………..you name it!

At Sawtell Framing we complete over 3,000 custom frames per year!

Our standard turnaround time is usually between 24 hours – 2 weeks depending on the job & customer’s requests.


If your have a damaged frame, just bring it in and we can repair your broken frame and replace broken glass.

We also stock and sell ready-made frames, picture hooks and gallery-style art hanging systems in our store.


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